Must be a hundred ways to…..

Airdrop Mission
Organizers / facilitators of an evangelistic outreach held in San Marcos, 2015. Invitational flyers airdropped by Mercy Wings International (MWI), get the word out to the people.

Just goes to show that there must be a hundred ways to serve using aircraft in Guatemala.

Organizers from Mt. Hope church, Lansing MI, are in the final preparation stages for a stadium event to take place in San Marcos, Guatemala. Using local radio broadcast, loudspeaker cars, and flyers to announce and invite the pubic. Distribution of the flyers (no pun intended) fell to Mercy Wings International (MWI) and pilot Chuck Martinez.

Event organizer Matthew Anderson and in-country coordinator Fred Tabor join Chuck in the MWI aircraft, flying low and slow over San Marcos. From overhead, flyers are airdropped over the populated areas. With the distribution complete, and passengers safe on the ground, it’s time to return to our mission base in Quetzaltenango. Clouds have rolled in, obscuring the jagged mountain ridges that stand between San Marcos and the MWI mission base……….but that’s another story!

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